anatomy of the design process

There are numerous steps involved in producing marketing materials. The more you know about process, the more you can control the project, make informed decisions of where and how to spend your money and maximize your budget.


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partnering with your printer

Printers make your designs realities and are responsible for a signficant portion of the costs of marketing materials. As such, printers need to be treated as partners in projects. Learning about the printing process and their special lingo is frequently on-the-job training. But there are a few pointers that can help you design within your budget that require no prior knowledge or training.

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tricks of the trade

When designing for nonprofits, it is not just important to be cost-effective. The perception of being cost-effective is as, if not more, important. Nonprofits need to cast the perception that they are spending their donated money wisely. There are a few general guidelines designers should follow when designing for a nonprofit.

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knowing where to look to save money

Good organizational skills save money. In addition, there are a few areas where expenses can be controlled.

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a creative team on a shoestring?

A national ad campaign may utilize a team of designers, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and production experts. How do you function if you have little to no money to hire the individualized professionals?

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the Nonprofit Design Manual

is a resource intended to help designers and marketing professionals in the nonprofit sector optimize their message while reducing their costs.

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