knowing where to look to save money

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Good organizational skills save money. In addition, there are a few areas where expenses can be controlled.

Planning Process.
The more involved the organization is during this stage, the less time the designer will have to spend deciding the appropriate strategy. Although you do want the designers input at this stage, there is a lot of material you can gather that will save the designer time. You know your competition better than the designer. Gather their information and provide it to the designer. Look through examples of what you like and do not like about your competitors’ marketing materials and various corporate pieces. That will give the designer an idea of how you see your marketing materials visually translating your identity.

Design Process:
If your marketing materials need text and you have a communications director or gifted writer on staff, get them to either write, or help write, the marketing materials. You can hire someone to edit the in-house writing if you are not confident in your skills. But the initial writing will still save money.

Give the designer the text FULLY EDITED. I cannot stress this enough. Organizations with good intentions waste more money by editing and rewriting text once it is in the design, and later the printing phase. Edits are increasing expensive as the process moves forward, and not out of spite. But designers are not using word processing software. Text is often manually manipulated, and adding a word can create a domino effect, after which all the text must be manually manipulated again.

Printing represents a large portion of money. Being knowledgeable about printing, or dealing with a knowledgable printer, will save you tons of money.

Get the printer involved in the beginning. If hiring a designer, make sure he/she gets the printer involved in the beginning.
Ask the printer for ways to save money. Frequently, changing the size of your design slightly (by 1/16 inch) will save money.
Also, avoiding diecuts and embossed graphics as well as oversize pieces will save money in the printing phase.

Obtaining a nonprofit indica from the post office will reduce your postage significantly. Avoid squares and oversized pieces as they cost more to mail (.63 first class as opposed to .39). If your printer offers fulfillment services, consider using them as the costs will frequently be less.


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