Case Study

Continuing Legal Education Publication Audit


Continuing Legal Education program brochures.

1. Existing programs lacked professionalism.
2. Difficult to distinguish between programs.
3. Existing programs did not have a set of standards, creating inconsitency between brochures as well as ineffective and wordy language.
4. Lack of standards also opened the door for employees to make changes that were no well-thought out.

1. Charted all programs offered and categorized them by subject matter and hours offered.
2. Examined common elements found in all programs. Looked for ways to condense and/or combine repetetive information and to delete unnecessary information.
3. Developed templates that would apply to all categories of programs. These templates were easy to use, allowing an in-house desktop publisher to input information.
4. In order to “sell” the redesign to the committee in-charge of authorizing the change, we provided a yearly cost-analysis of the past brochures compared to the project costs of the new brochures. The new brochures were more expensive to produce at low quantities than the old brochures, but much cheaper at larger quantities. After doing the projection, it was estimated that the new brochures would cost $5000 more to produce per year, or an additional $50 per program offered. This $50 would be recooped if attendance improved by 1 person per program.
5. The new design was implemented. In this situation, it was easy to measure success through attendance and market share. In its first year, CLE improved attendance by and increased its marketshare in a saturated market.

More images:

CLE brochure cover.
brochure cover

CLE brochure self-mailer.
brochure self-mailer side

CLE brochure registration form.
registration form


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